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* Book Released June 25, 2020

** Shipping to MN and WI ~ approx. 2-4 days; Shipping to Other U.S. States ~ approx. 4-6 days (some shipping delays are possible at this time)

*** If ordering multiple books or posters, please contact us for discounted shipping options

**** For shipping needs to countries outside of the U.S.A., please contact the founder-author at

***** You do not need a PayPal account in order to purchase books or posters!

Purchase Books for Children You Know, Author Message & Autograph Included!

Buy a delightful, relatable book for a child (or children) in your life that could benefit from learning 8 calming strategies to overcome negative emotions felt within stressful situations in any setting.

IMAGINE Hardcover Children’s Book – 32 pages

Holiday Sale! IMAGINE: An Inspirational Story of Calming Strategies for Children Book for $15.00 (orig. $17.95), plus $5.00 U.S. shipping


Donate Autographed Books for Specific Children in Need in Your Community

Purchase a book, or multiple books, for children from a community chosen by you that need assistance in coping with their anxiety. You will need to tell us the community shipping address during purchase for this option.

IMAGINE Hardcover Book for a Community

Holiday Sale! IMAGINE: An Inspirational Story of Calming Strategies for Children Book for $15.00 (orig. $17.95), plus $5.00 U.S. shipping.


Donate Funds to Support Our Mission for Impacting Children with Anxiety

Choose an amount you would like to donate to the Handprint On My Heart organization and we will find the community of children who can most benefit from the gift of books to use in their lives. You will receive notification of the location where your books are donated, if you include your e-mail address.

POSTER: All 8 Strategies from IMAGINE

Parents, teachers, and counselors, this poster will help you keep the calming strategies in the children’s sightline at all times, so they can use them more consistently and beneficially!

IMAGINE 14″x11″ Strategies Poster

All 8 Calming Strategies from the Book for $3.00 each, plus $5.00 U.S. shipping.


Handprint On My Heart Return Policy: We will accept returns only when we receive an undamaged book with delivery charges paid for by the customer, with prior notice to handprintonmyheartorg@gmailcom. Donated book returns are not accepted. (6-25-2020)

Handprint On My Heart Privacy Policy

*Please contact us to inquire about international shipping rates.

I bought this books to help my niece and nephew deal with simple problems of overreacting to small issues, but now that we have read it, I have used the calming strategies for myself!

— Evan, Uncle

Our daughter enjoys school, but she struggles with random social situations in and out the classroom. As we read (and reread) IMAGINE together, we discuss her daily thoughts and concerns, and the techniques she’s now embraced for dealing with her personal challenges. Thank you!

— Aaliya, Parent of 1st Grader

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