Our Partnerships

We hope to make a real impact on children’s lives! Here are the wonderful organizations who are partnering with us to support children’s mental health and help strengthen their learning experiences.


Under the parent company of the Dance and Music Academy in Chicago, IL, the Expand Community Arts Alliance shifts the conventional paradigm of the role of the arts within a community. We aim to inspire and facilitate members to infuse every aspect of societal life with the arts. IMAGINE will be used as the collaborative basis of a beautifully artistic dance recital connecting the calming strategies of the elementary age with the mental health supports needed at the secondary age.

Strength & Creativity

The goal of the Trifecta Dance Collective is to ignite community dialogue through an artistic lens. It is the resident professional company of the Dance and Music Academy in Chicago, IL. The TDC will be offering interactive, movement-based workshops for elementary school, and their students, who are hoping to implement the calming strategies into into their daily routines or are interested in creating a performance to benefit children’s mental health.

Diverse Literacy

The weekly YouTube show, “Read with Carylee” highlights children’s literacy of a diverse background of books, authors, and story characters. IMAGINE was highlighted as an important social/emotional book for children who need to strengthen their mental health. Our episode included both a reading of the entire story and an interview with our author and Handprint On My Heart founder, Elisa Holton Odegard. We were the first Minnesota author to be interviewed! Find the show link on our “About our Organization” page!

Photo Credit to: Siglerphotographics
Photo Credit to: Siglerphotographics

“IMAGINE, Pivot & Soar” Film Recording in Chicago, Feb. 27-28, 2021!

Thank you to Dance and Music Academy/Trifecta Dance Collective Youth Company owner, director and choreographer, Krissie Odegard Geye, and filmmaker, Irfan Qurashi! You are making an important difference in our communities! Thanks, also, to the senior dance choreographers and choreographer, Carrie Peterson! To the DMA/Trifecta Dance Collective Youth Company dancers, your strength and talents are inspiring!

“IMAGINE: Pivot and Soar”

Dance Film Premiered on March 27, 2021!

Based on our IMAGINE story and calming strategies! Watch by clicking HERE!

Why was Handprint On My Heart interested in the collaborative project with DMA for a dance film? The premise of the film storyline is solely based on the spirit of a community mindset of our IMAGINE story, as well as highlighting each calming strategy to help children/students of all ages to self-regulate and find peace from anxieties while finding a stronger connection with their education. The arts are in important outlet for many children to express their thoughts and imagination. We want to reach as many children and families as we can to connect them with our strategies. Our partnership will continue as we work to create an all-new school curriculum with the same goals in mind for a larger audience!

We are proud of the person who inspired our main character, Jon, who generously contributed originally composed music to the film and performed it too! To connect with Jon Butler for future music project needs, please write to our author for his contact information.

Let’s build something together.

Ready to join us? Please contact us if you have a vision of how we can work together to support children’s mental health and their educational journey!

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