IMAGINE: Our Initial Project

IMAGINE: An Inspirational Story of Calming Strategies for Children (front cover)

IMAGINE Hardcover Children’s Book, with Author Message & Autograph – 32 pages

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IMAGINE is our initial project! It is the first children’s book written by our founder, Elisa Holton Odegard. She has witnessed that her students are having more trauma and stresses in their lives and, in turn, more difficult times coping with their everyday anxieties. This story provides practical models and fun, developmentally-appropriate calming strategies that promote mindfulness in early learners.

As children look through the colorful, engaging illustrations, they will be captivated by the story of a compassionate and theatrical boy who has visions of bringing his peers calming actions that also paint beautiful imaginations in their minds. His strategies not only steer them back to a focused and happier mindset, but motivate them to offer the same kindness to others around them.

Intentionally Included Within the Book: 1) Children represented from a diverse group of ethnicities so they can see themselves within the story; 2) A double-page spread where all calming strategies are revisited with a visible icon (available in poster size also); 3) A rich vocabulary list of words used within the story; and 4) Copyright permission given to reproduce an activity page for children to recreate their favorite strategy or create one of their own.

Back Cover Synopsis: During a day at school, Jon helps his diverse group of friends cope with their anxieties using a few simple calming strategies and the amazing powers of their imaginations. Parents, teachers, and kids will find this inspirational story fun, helpful, and heartwarming. When you can IMAGINE, you can do anything!

This meaningful and powerful children’s book was chosen as a 2021 National Indie Excellence Award finalist in two categories!

About the Author: Elisa Holton Odegard

About the Illustrator: CA Nobens

About the Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press

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Free learning and reflection resources directly related to our IMAGINE story! Click on the images to save and print for children to practice the calming strategies!

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