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Handprint On My Heart, an educator’s non-profit organization, embraces the imperative that we earn and maintain the trust and confidence of our supporters. To this end, we operate with full financial and operational transparency.

We proclaim that we are a “pure non-profit organization.” This means that every single penny contributed to the organization, whether through book purchases or donations, applies directly to enable the projects and programs that we supply. Operational expenses are exclusive to hard costs directly attributed to the development, promotion and delivery of our products and services.

All labor directly associated with Handprint On My Heart is completed by committed volunteers. The author of our first book, IMAGINE, receives no financial compensation for her work.

If you are interested in the financial progress of our non-profit organization, please write to us at

Handprint On My Heart exists for the focused purpose of assisting children’s learning through strong mental health. Thank you all of our donation heroes for joining us in our mission!

Proud HOMH Donations of IMAGINE have been delivered to:Number of Books
Burnsville/Eagan/Savage ISD #191 Elementary Schools8
Minneapolis ISD #1 Elementary & Community Schools6
Children’s Minnesota Hospital-Mpls. & St. Paul Therapist Offices
(including 10 calming strategies posters)
Alexandria, MN, Area Elementary Teachers & Public Health Providers13
Nenahnezad Community School, New Mexico1
National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI): MN Chapter1
Kids ‘n Kinship Mentorship: Burnsville Chapter1
Read with Carylee, Children’s Author Interview & YouTube Show1

Handprint On My Heart Privacy Policy

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